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Corrie Facade

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Corrie Facade

ITV challenge for BSM 🎞

How can we shoot at the end of the new Coronation Street set, Victoria Street, without the car park in frame? Challenge accepted 👍

BSM fabricated a mobile façade on wheel-out tracks to resemble a disused building. Genius 💡.

Keep an 👀 out you Corrie lovers.

Enjoy the 🎥, starring our very own Scott 🥇

A Birchfield Sheet Metal Limited Production.

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Floating Glass Balcony

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Branched Circular Duct Section

Need to Vent ?

BSM recently fabricated a mild steel, branched circular duct section for a rubber factory.

Check it out 👀

If you would like a quotation for this or any other engineering project, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help 👍

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Coronation Street Memorial Bench

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Coronation Street Memorial Bench

Birchfield Sheet Metal were approached by ITV to fabricate the memorial bench for Coronation Street on the new extended set, Victoria Street.

The specially commissioned memorial bench in memory of Coronation Street superfan Martyn Hett has been placed in the urban garden.

This is to commemorate Martyn and all in the Manchester Arena bomb in May 2017.

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Mortuary Racking

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Mortuary Racking

Is there nothing we cannot achieve here at Birchfield Sheet Metal???

We were commissioned by a TV production company to build mortuary racking for an upcoming TV programme.

Hope you enjoy the 🎥 starring:

Corpse: Jonathan Castree

Mortician: Dean Castree

Camera: Gavin Castree

A Birchfield Sheet Metal Limited Production.

#bespoke #fabrication #engineering #project

Floating Glass Balustrade

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This project was completed using aluminium track on the ground with 15mm thick, clear frosted glass.

A stainless steel tubular hand rail was fitted using glass clamps.

Structural Steel Work

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Completed for our customer at a private premise.

The structural steel works were to accommodate the addition of a new wing at the rear of the premise.

Aluminium Powder Coated Gates

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This job was completed for a customer in the Northern Quarter, Manchester 

We were tasked with designing gates in a Victorian style that would blend-in with the existing architecture.

Produced in aluminium to keep the gates lightweight and functional.